International Awardee writer Neha Srivastava

Raju Bohra @ new delhi, Neha Srivastava is many things at once: she is a creative writer, a teacher for underprivileged children, and a full-time mom. With an impressive 28 years of experience in creative writing, she has won 35 international awards and selections for screenwriting. Renowned for their exceptional storytelling prowess, the accomplished scriptwriter and filmmaker stands adorned with an extraordinary array of accolades, boasting an astounding 10 selections, an impressive 12 award wins, 5 coveted finalist positions, 9 well-deserved semi-finalist acknowledgments, a distinguished quarter finalist placement, an honorable mention to their name, and 2 prestigious nominations at both national and international film festivals. In 2022, she bagged the coveted Platinum Remi award for Best Script at the 55th Annual WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival. 

Her new short film Sabina explores the story of two working women and their attitude toward life. The ever-busy Tara hires a house-help Sabina, a hardworking woman who loves Tara’s little girl Khushi as if she is her own. In an incident where Sabina accidentally breaks Tara’s clay pot, she is scolded by the owner – reflecting on the class disparities between the two women. However, the film ends with the growing friendship between the two women and Tara’s gratitude toward life as she witnesses resilience in Sabina despite her weak financial situation.

The film has 140K views on YouTube. Her story of Sabina, which is based on a real-life incident, was featured in the Smartest Kid on the Bronx Anthology. Neha’s talent has been recognized and celebrated across various platforms. Notably, her other short script ‘Fairy Dress’ also earned her the Platinum award at the Independent Shorts Awards in 2021. 

Several of her captivating stories and poems, including ‘Two Toys,’ ‘Fairy Dress,’ and Sabina,’ have been published in anthologies and literary journals in countries like the US and Spain. Neha’s writing prowess extends to brand collaborations, where she has contributed her creative talents to over 20 well-known brands, including Paras, DLF Builders, Vimal, British Gas, Harvest Gold Bread, Daewoo Motors, IIS Infotech, Inox Theater, and many others. She studied Screenwriting under the guidance of Carl Schoenfeld in Oxford and is represented by Nuala Quinn-Barton at Mania Entertainment LLC, a testament to her standing in the industry. With her unyielding passion for writing, Neha continues to amaze audiences and industry peers alike with her exceptional storytelling abilities. There’s no doubt that her journey as a writer will continue to inspire and captivate audiences around the world.

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